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How to write frequencies in codan 932393609780 without microphone. Codan has built its reputation for reliability over 50 years in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Hf radios australias premier hf radio system resource. For auction is a codan 8528 professional hf ssb transceiver. The ngt system programmer nsp software is used for configuring the codan ngt series or 2110 series transceiver. Eprom image 27512 or 27c512 for the codan 8528 hfssb transceiver. Option vpd microphone socket mod for using multimedia headset, listen and talk requires options ph, vpd. Jul 14, 20 i was lucky enough to come across a reasonably priced second hand codan ngt land mobile radio and auto tune antenna with many features including ham bands and gps tracking. If you have a codan 9360 and want to modify it to use kenwood cat you can flash one of this firmware on a 128k parallel eprom and replace the original one, that is present into the radios pcb cpu section. Special digital voice offer while stocks last codan envoy x2 3040 antenna packages available. U upper sidebandupper sideband on transmit frequencies.

July 1, 2018 last month at marzaglia ham flea market ive bought a codan 9360 radio without display. Codan radio communications has launched the codan envoy, a software defined hf radio platform. Codan 8525, 8528, 9323, 9360, ngt hf ssb mobile radio. Hf ssb transceiver 8525b 8528 series technical service manual volume 1 1989 codan pty ltd. How write frequencies in codan 932393609780 without.

For sale a transceiver from codan ngt vr2011 hf transceiver. Codan 9323 9360 9390 9780 hf ssb transceiver sm service. I have the codan xp programming software so will make up a programming lead. Com metal detection providing highperformance detectors for recreational use, artisanal gold mining and landmine clearance. The radio needs to be setup for a carrier frequency of 10147. Your 8528 hf ssb transceiver employs the latest concepts in design and reliability for long range communications. Brand new oem connector with 12 gauge marinegrade cable for termination approx 20top quality replacement for the discontinued codan power cable. Hf transceiver codan envoy codan s envoy hf transceiver system delivers unparalleled dependable, clear, digital voice and data communications in challenging environments. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. Par kakasanu, politiku, pasnavibu, ticigajiem, debilismu, prezidentu, navi, slavu. About this handbook who should use this handbook this handbook is written for the person who installs and operates the codan 8528. Configuring a codan 8528 transceiver for aprs information of configuring a codan 8528 hf transceiver for aprs using tinytrak3.

Ensure there is sufficient space at the rear of the cradle to take the transceiver heat sink and connectors. The codan sentryh software defined radio sdr with next generation digital voice, 3g ale and frequency hopping is one of the most robust and intuitive highpower sdr radio built for voice and data communications. However, one still needs the passcode to do anything significant. Updated software can be downloaded from a computer via a programming port on the handset, without taking the transceiver out of service. Also included in the faqs are the dealer sales timelines of the codan envoy ngt 93239360 8528 8525 and barrett 4050 2050 950550250 models.

Codan s windowsbased tps3250 radio programming software can be used to build profiles, which can be conveniently deployed via direct connection, ip or usb memory stick. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. Australian professional hf ssb transceiver codan 8528. Hf ssb transceiver type 8528 operators handbook reids radiodata. See the documentation provided with this equipment. The ngt asr makes it easy to upgrade to future technology. Power cable for codan 8525, 8528, 9323, 9360 and ngt mobile radios. To run this on a modern window 7 computer you can use dosbox. The stratus p25 repeaters support transparent endtoend encryption across an entire communications network. I have setup a couple of 8528 radios for aprs via the mic socket. Stratus repeater codan s stratus is the first deployable p25lte hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of public safety and cellular technologies to provide secure mobile voice networks. Terminal software rs232 and dnc test program demonstration duration. Requires suitable programming hardware eprom programmer and uv eraser. Codan is the largest australianowned and operated manufacturer of hf ssb communications equipment and has achieved worldwide recognition with exports to more than 70 countries.

Codan indopacific communications phone radio interconnect ipc500b. Communications keeping you connected when lives are on the line. Pc programmable, does not include programming cable or software. Codan are very helpful to our site and may not be if it were found that we were distributing the software. Icom ic7100 hfvhfuhf transceiver with rt systems programming software.

Codan land mobile radio vk3bq july 14, 20 ive been planning a trip to the kimberley for a while now, and part of this process has been setting up the car. Codan 9350 auto tune antenna, whip and all cables needed to connect it all together. We understand how difficult it is for agencies to upgrade or extend their communications networks when budgets are tight. Could you help with software to program codan 8525b the one with channel display no lcd. It is the essential tool for anyone who needs to set up and manage hf networks with these codan transceivers.

Codan communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium communications equipment for high frequency hf and land mobile radio lmr applications. Apr 23, 2020 communications keeping you connected when lives are on the line. How to use this handbook 9350 automatic tuning whip antenna glossary 3520 ohfwurqlfdoo\udvdeoh3urjudppdeoh5hdg 2qo\0hpru\7 lhogiihfw7udqvlvwru. For detailed instructions on how to update the firmware on your mt4e receiver. Programming software the nsp programming software below is for the ngt and 2110 manpack radios, and runs under windows. How write frequencies in codan 932393609780 without microphone. Programming with microphone jack on the front the xpcodan software it is possible to program the trx.

The idea of remote area contact, the tracking features, the ability to make phone calls and keep in touch with parents and have. Once profiled, envoy can be easily locked down using an administrator pin, ensuring important settings are. Operating instructions can be supplied in paper or electronic format. For the latest software and firmware updates for the hf radio suite of products you will need to login to the partner portal. Codan 8525s australias premier hf radio system resource. The idea of remote area contact, the tracking features, the ability to make phone calls and keep in touch with parents and have them contact us while at the far end of the. No part of this handbook may be reproduced, transcribed. Codan 8528 professional hf ssb transceiver usblsb ebay. So unless you go to a codan agent or know someone who has a pirate copy of the software you are out of luck, unless of course you have an amateur version of the codan equipment which are.

Hf radios australias premier hf radio system resource hf. Hf ssb transceiver reference manual 11 1 about this manual this manual describes how you set up your codan hf ssb transceiver. Codan 8528, free tune txrx and front panel program txrx 0. To complement our range of hf transceivers and manpacks, codan provides a range of software applications for data communication, such as email, file transfer, chat, gps tracking, and asset management. You should be aware of any restrictions placed on channel names in your transceiver when it is used with a codan hf data modem, radiotelephone interconnect, or internav software. The nsp programming software below is for the ngt and 2110 manpack radios, and runs. If you need to service the pa and exciter interface associated with the codan power. The receiver is one of the most sensitive and selective i have ever used. The codan envoy is a fully capable commercial, governmental, and military hf transceiver. Codan 9360 hack software madexp by papadopol lucian ioan. Codan communications metal detection mining technology.

Hi, could you help with software to program codan 8525b the one with channel display no lcd. Codan envoy software defined radio sdr hf transceiver. Codan propose hf application for portable, mobile and base hf applications. The 93xx series of codans are programmed via the mic plug and programming cable using another software programme which is not in the public domain.

The model 7727c is a 100 wafts pep transceiver, physically small, low in weight and ideal for both mobile and base fixed station installations where the operator requires a high level of transmitter power output. Secure the mounting cradle into position with its spring clips nearest the front. This transceiver is hf transceiver working and tested it comes with rf unit, jonction cable to handset, handset. A fter all this turn on your radio and try frequency programming with microphone keypad. Codan 8528 service manual download, schematics, eeprom. With an 8528 you can program this frequency into a p channel to make it easy to select. I was lucky enough to come across a reasonably priced second hand codan ngt land mobile radio and auto tune antenna with many features including ham bands and gps tracking. You, as a user, can program the remaining 99 channels from the front panel as pchannels.

Hf ssb transceiver9323 part number 1504073 issue 1 iii options factory fitted in your transceiver code description c cicsaccess to computer interface command set through transceivers i2c adapter accessory or rs232 port. The envoy provides the advantages of software defined radio the ability to add new capabilities to the radio through software upgrades. Great for installations, and radios that are moved. This is a message on the codan group site the xp programming software has and has not been released to the public and therefore we cannot supply copies of it. Sep 06, 2015 i recently acquired a used codan 9780 hf transceiver. Au defence electronics deploying worldclass electronics solutions to. Selling this codan 7727c ssb transceiver hf outback radio. May 04, 2015 how to write frequencies in codan 932393609780 without microphone. Option sn done in software for use with 8511 selective calling unit to display the scan channel number. The envoy is a powerful software defined radio sdr communications tool that allows organisations to create and fulfil several operating scenarios using only the. Com tracking solutions building the enabling technology for the underground mining automation revolution. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. During the playing, i found it has a transmit program enable switch fitted so i can program alternative frequencies.

Do not use a usb cable that is longer than 10 feet for programming the radio. Motorola cpsrss, other software, firmware, upgrades, hacks, patches, licenses, etc. This is a commercial hf ssb transceiver that provides 15 user programmable channels in the 2. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff.

Modifying the tecsun pl600 portable shortwave radio. Hf ssb transceiver 9323, 9360, 9390 and 9780 technical service manual no part of this handbook may be reproduced, transcribed, translated into any language or transmitted in any form whatsoever without the prior written consent of codan pty ltd 1994 codan pty ltd. This issue of the manual incorporates operating information for software versions from. Codan provides a range of communication solutions to cover all modern needs. Codan provides a range of software to support additional capabilities on hf transceivers. I found the schematic of the codan keypad microphone on the aboutcodan. Acn 007 590 605 order code 1502036 issue 6, november 1995. This cable is designed specifically for quick and easy programming of the following codan transceivers. Codan 93, codan 9323, codan 9360, codan 9390, codan 9480, codan 9780, codan ngt ar, codan ngt arv, codan ngt asr, codan ngt cr, codan ngt sr, codan ngt srx, codan ngt vr, etc. Unfortunately, usblsb selection is locked out which is a nuisance for ham bands. Codan radio communications programming software and manuals. Option bd program additional channels specify frequencies. Other documents if you a need to program the 9323, 9360, 9390 or 9780, refer to the xp programming guide codan part number 1504035. Tsf supply holds stock for customers, resellers or vendors accessories for 8528, 9360 9780 and ngt units aswell as spare parts for network maintenance.

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