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You could try a dwarf angel, yellow tail damsel,6line wrasse. Sep 10, 2010 the yellow tail damsels are not among the most aggressive damsels, but they are aggressive. In an azur damselfish, the yellow colour is primarily found in the pectoral. I lost a newly introduced yellow tang from a clown fish beating her one time. Yellow damselfish, golden damselfish blue zoo aquatics. Damsels are generally considered the hardiest fish in the hobby. I have had a blue yellow tail damsel for 3 years in my 90 gal. The only fish i had in the tank were 2 yellow tail damsels and 2 purcula clowns. This damsel is often found in the tank investigating branching corals and hiding among live rock crevices. The yellowbelly damsel, pomacentrus auriventris, is a great starter fish as it is easy to care for, hardy, and does not require any special care. This is probably one of the least aggressive of all the damsels, but can still be aggressive nonetheless. In fact, chrysiptera parasema is considered by many aquarists, both beginning and advanced, to be the ultimate damselfish. Within species there may be color variations, most commonly according to distribution, but also based on sex, age and host anemone.

The yellow tail damsels are not among the most aggressive damsels, but they are aggressive. Clownfish are well known for living in a herd and can share their space well. Midas blenny biting its own tail, and chromis compatibility success, thanks to stevea 10605 dear wwm crew, firstly a big thank you for the previous advice from steve allen about dealing with a bullying bluegreen chromis murdering chromis 6505 on damsel compatability faqs we werent that keen able to just get rid of it as was. Damsels, fish guides for damselfish species, damsels and chromis. I have 1 false percula clownfish, 1 sebae clownfish, 1 humbug and 1 yellow tail blue damselfish. Polynesia we saw this lovely little white and yellow, blackfinned damsel on a dive in the vavau group of tonga in september. These have only yellow on the back tail and a little into the body. Tropical fish keeping aquarium fish care and resources saltwater fish and coral reef tanks saltwater fish yellow tail blue damsel and ocellaris clownfish tr compatibility reply. Yellow tail damselfish juvenile vs adult bonaire duration.

Salt water aquarium yellow tangs, clownfish and yellow. They do spawn in captivity easily, though rearing the young can be quite difficult. It is unlikely there would be successful breeding in a community marine tank as the. I intend on taking the yellow damsel 23 34yrs old and placing him into my water change water with a jet. Some of the species though have maroon and yellow coloring on them. Chromis are peacful w other fish, w each other then can be aggressive tho. More appropriate species include the yellow tail damsel and chromis. They can be moderately aggressive to other fish in your tank, but their aggression will be lessened if you keep them in groups of three to seven. The damsel gets along with my lm blenny and cinnamon clown just fine. They are native to the indopacific region and grow up to three inches 7. As juveniles they can be mild in temperament but this changes with maturity. Clown fish domino damsel yellow tail stock photo edit now.

Reef aquarium clownfish damselfishyellow tang youtube. Compatibility currently, clownfish are one of the success stories for captive breeding in the marine industry. Jul 27, 2009 yellow tail damsel bullying clownfish. Strangely, i have had 2 yellow tail damselfish around 23cm for quite a few months with other tangs and no problems. The true sebae differs from the sebae clownfish in the color of the main body being black instead of brown. Those that have a yellow tail fin with just a little yellow extending into the body are generally specimens from the philippines and indonesia. I understand damsels can be territorial and aggressive. Clown fish, domino damsel, yellow tail damsel, wrasse and other tropical fish swimming in the stunning coral reef in the pacific ocean off the coast of yejele beach in tadine, mare, new caledonia. The orange though is what is distinctive and that is why these other species are often mistaken for other types of fish. At one time, damsels were actually used to cycle tanks because of their ability to withstand horrid water conditions. Multiple yellow tail damsels reef2reef saltwater and reef. Otherwise, as mentioned, try to catch and return the damsel to the shop. The anal fin is yellow, and it has a white to yellow tail. As one of the least aggressive damsels, this saltwater aquarium favorite will stand out in any setup.

Damsels are known to be territorial, especially if you keep older specimens, and they can attack other damsels as well as other fish in the aquarium. Yellow tangs, clownfish and yellow tailed blue damsels duration. The yellowtail damselfish is extremely hardy and gorgeously colored. Jun 06, 2018 they dont seem to be affected much by other peaceful and semiaggressive damsel fish and clownfish. Profile of the yellowtail clownfish this profile contains interesting facts and information about the yellowtail clownfish species. The yellowtail damsel is found in the indowest pacific region growing up to 12cm in length. Sep 05, 2016 clownfish and firefish goby and a yellowtail damselfish bo jackson. I currently have 2 yellowtail damsels, 1 yellow tang, 1 clown fish, and 4 bluegreen reef chromis had 5 but one died recently in my 75 gal tank.

Yellow tail damsel vs regal tang general discussions and. Yellowtail damsel a staple in the aquarium industry for its beautiful color and being one of the less aggressive damsels. They are best introduced last into the tank as well. In addition to the damsels being irritating pesky jerks in a small reef tank, the compounded problem here is that you added your clown after the damsel. So the clown is a new kid on the block where the damsel already was. Yellow tail damselfish are mostly blue, with a patch of yellow on and around their tails. Though once it was very rare and quite expensive, with an increase in collecting efforts from the coral sea, it is often available today and reasonably. Mike fishlore admin social media the yellowtail blue damselfish is sometimes confused with the azure damselfish chrysiptera hemicyanea because they do look very similar the chrysiptera hemicyanea has more yellow on its body than the chrysiptera parasema, which just has the yellow on its tail. Getting the second damsel required breaking down the tank.

Question on adding a yellowtail damsel or not reef2reef. I have a striped damsel in there that has been there all along. The clownfish is very colorful with segments of the body being bright orange and then areas of white with thin area of black around them. Pomacentrus moluccensis, also known as the golden damsel, is a small, bright yellow damselfish that sometimes has vibrant blue lines across its head and fins. Robert 20110102 i bought a four striped damsel, blue devil damsel, and yellow tail blue damsel all together. This damsel is composed of a vivid blue body and a striking yellow tail. Video shows a goldtail damsel chrysiptera parasema specimen from the philippines or indonesia locations. This damsel is usually better kept in groups of 3 or more because they can become very territorial if kept singly. While i was acclimating the tang i tried to get the damsels out of. I recently purchased a regal tang 5cm for my 300l setup. Does anyone know if a yellow tail damsel and ocellaris clownfish are compatibily in a 14 gallon biocube.

That doesnt mean theyre necessarily peaceful though, and for a fish with a maximum size of about 2. As it matures the bright yellow colors becomes more subtle and the damsel becomes less shy and reserved. I have just purchased a false purcula clown and i added him to my tank with my yellow tail damsel. Here is a brief 1080p video of my saltwater tank with 2 yellow tangs, a pair of clownfish and 4 yellow tailed blue damsels. The recommended water temperature when keeping azure damsel is 7280 f 2227 c, the phvalue should be kept in the 8. Depending on native region, males have a blue or yellow tail that females lack. I just added a small 3 inch yellow tang to my 55gallon reef. The captivebred true sebae clownfish, also known as sebas anemonefish, is black with wide white stripes and an orange head. I suspect you might end up with 23 of them, depends on the size of the tank though. But what pleases aquarists most is that the yellowtail damsel is less aggressive and does not need as large of an aquarium as other damsels. Apr 05, 2015 200 lt reef marine salt water fish aquarium hydor nano slim skim protein skimmer vecton v2 200 uv sterilizer hagen fluval 206 external filter 1 x 3000 wavemaker 1 x 2500 wavemaker 300w heater 2 x. Clownfish and firefish goby and a yellowtail damselfish youtube. Chrysiptera parasema, also known as yellowtail damselfish, yellowtail blue damsel, goldtail demoiselle, and other variations, is a popular saltwater aquarium fish from the indopacific.

It is sometimes confused with its close relative the azure damsel chrysiptera hemicyanea, but the azure damsel has more yellow on its body than the yellowtail damsel. I am having problem with my false percula clownfish. The four stripe and blue devil swim around the cage like best buddies while the yellow tail has hid in the corner under my live rock since i have had him, last night was the first time i seen him come out into the open, and that was with the lights off. I have tank of 180 litres of water and all the other parameters of water are ok. It was terrible because my other 3 fish, including the smaller damsel, would always be near the back corner.

Things to remember when feeding your clown or damsel. Small dried food, such as flakes and pellets, plus freezedried, frozen and live food. This color combination looks stunning against any backdrop of corals and live rock. The yellowtail damsel is best kept in small groups of odd numbered fish in suitably sized systems. Found singly or in loose schools over lagoons and seaward reefs rich in coral growth. It makes an excellent aquarium pet as it is easy to keep, hardy, and quite disease resistant. Well after qt, put him in the display tank and now the damsel and big clown are best pals, constantly swimming together andnever more than a few inches apart. They are a prime community reef fish that live best in small groups of at least three or more, or else they can become territorial. The pink skunk clownfish is one example of a clownfish which. The starcks demoiselle chrysiptera starcki is a fish that just about every fish lover, at some time or other, has hopes of keeping in their aquarium. Those that have a yellow tail fin with just a little yellow extending into the body are generally. He gets along with everybody 2 clowns, one yellow tang and one lawnmower. Its name comes from the distinct yellow belly and its brilliant blue body. Damselfish need to have their own cave or they will not flourish in your aquarium.

Chrysiptera parasema, also known as the yellow tail blue damsel, features a bright blue body with a neon yellow tail that turns into translucent at the edges of the fins. You want to equalize the o2 and co2 in it before you add it. Starcks demoiselle, chrysiptera starcki, starcki damsel. Yellow damselfish, golden damselfish amblyglyphidodon aureus. Though sometimes territorial in smaller tanks with other damsels, if in a. The true sebae, misbar, true to its name is misbarred. Clownfish and firefish goby and a yellowtail damselfish. The territorial damsel sees itself reflected in the divers goggles and charges. The pink skunk clownfish is one example of a clownfish which may suffer without an anemone. If adding clownfish, you should choose between pink skunk clownfish, ocellaris and percula clownfish. Mostly blue with a bright yellow tail, these are a little smaller than the blue devils and are far less aggressive. I ended up removing the larger of the 2 damsels but then the smaller one became as aggressive as the one removed. I got some rubble live rock and a yellow tailed damsel for the fun of it.

So a couple of weeks went by and i bought a talbot damsel as you thought a talbot might be unharassed by the bully. In the wild, these fish are known for charging divers who venture too close to their rocky homes. My girlfriend wanted to add this little yellow tail damsel and with only having two small clownfish in the 30 gallon, i told her she could and its actually really pretty. Keeping more than 2 they can fight to defend what they believe to be theirs. Yellow damselfish amblyglyphidodon aureus is also known as golden damselfish.

Depending on species and size, feed small amounts 1 to 2 times daily, no more than fish will eat in 1 to 2 minutes. Aug 05, 2019 the chrysiptera hemicyanea has more yellow on its body than the chrysiptera parasema, which just has the yellow on its tail. Damsel compatibility 4512 you, of course, were right, and the injured and harassed yellow tail damsel died. The book that i have marine fish at the recommendation of flower says that yellow tail blue damselfish are good in small groups, are reef safe, not aggressive to other fish, and are a good reef fish. Yellowtail blue damselfish, chrysiptera parasema, goldtail. Apr 22, 2016 yellow tail damsel lyrtail anthias pair kole tang foxface i just want to add two more for now. All thats been going on is the yellow tail damsel keeps trying to bite the little clown. The yellowtail blue damsel, also known as the yellowtail damselfish, yellowtail demoiselle, or azure damselfish, is bright blue, with a tail of energizing yellow. This is partly because its jewelblue body is contrasted by an energizing yellow tail. The lovely blue damsel pomacentrus pavo is common on small coral heads in french polynesia. Oct 23, 2010 i have 60 gallon tank with 30kg of live rocks and 25kg sand, i have just add one yellow tail damsel 10 days after set up to check the cycle, and want to add clown fish. Clarkii clowns are not a good choice if clownfish are also desired for the tank as they can be quite aggressive. If you want a fairly nonaggressive damsel you can for instance get a group of chromis viridis. As a reference, my future stocking plan involved at lease another tang, three more anthias and maybe a couple cardinals all subject to availability and water column space.

The yellowtail blue damselfish have various quantities of yellow on their tail fins, depending on their location of origination, but yellow is never found on the back or belly. Black clownfish information about black clown fish breeding clownfish a very brief describtion on how to breed clownfish cinnamon clownfish information about cinnamon clownfish clarkii clownfish information about clarkii clownfish maroon clownfish information about. Those are damsel eggs, 3 years ago i think iirc when i had my 29 gallon tank, i bought 2 damsels and i put a tile in the tank hoping my paid or tomato clowns would lay on it, the anemone moved and then the damsels took over the tile, 6 months later, i was in the tank cleaning going to remove the tile, i pout my hand in, and when i noticed these white dots on the tile i wondered what it. The yellowtail damsel is a bright blue fish with a yellow tail that fades into clear at the edges. They are small, mellow for a damsel, and easy to take care of. But since i added the tang a couple hours ago, the damsel wont leave him alone. One got picked on so bad by the other two i took it back to the lfs. My fish have been together in my tank since i set it up a year ago and everything seems peaceful. Their distinguishing mark, aside from the yellowish tail, is a dark ear spot, just visible in this shot. Some species will become extremely territorial as they grow older, while others are more docile.

Also, even in larger tanks they might pick at each other to the point that they might kill each other. Found singly or in pairs close to branching corals in caves and crevices, over edges and tops of shallow water coral reefs rich in fire corals. W my maroon i have a yellow tail,2 scooter blennys, spotted mandarin,and a. Also known as caribbean jewel damsel, jewel damselfish, jewelfish, marine jewelfish, sheephead, yellowtail damsel, yellowtail jewel damsel, yellow tailed damselfish. Id like to get rid of a couple of chromis and add a hippo tang, but i am afraid of what my damsel s might do to it. I have 3 yellow blue damsels, 2 clowns, a sixline, and a royal gramma they all have their specific territory ledge, hole, rock or creviceand they leave each other alone. Saltwater aquarium fish compatibility the spruce pets. I just picked up three ocellaris clownfish 1 maybe and a bta that i am dripping. Yellow tail blue damsel and ocellaris clownfish tr.

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